Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Day 3

Dear Followers,
Today is Day 3. We visited many interesting sites today. Including St. Maria in Trastevere church which was beautiful which had really cool music playing inside. We then went to the Pantheon which many of you know as the building with the huge pillars in front. But did you know there is a church behind the pillars. We went inside and there was more beautiful music being sung but this time it was sung by actual men! We then visited 3 fountains. The biggest was Trevi fountain where you turn your back to the fountain and throw in a coin over your shoulder in hopes to return to Italy. I had lasagna for dinner and of course gelato. In Rome you can find many things and we like to count these things...
Gelato=count 6
Priest and Nuns= we were counting but lost count

Paige Padilla

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