Sunday, June 13, 2010

Last day in Firenze (Florence)

Dear Followers,
Hello. Today was my last day in Firenze. Which is the capital city of the
Tuscany region. I will miss it. Today I went to go see a famous statue called David. This statue was humongo huge but was very detailed. On his hands you could see his veins and his fingernails looked very life life. David was a man who used his brain to outsmart a much larger man Goliath. David was the work of the famous Michael Angelo. The statue is made of marble. Boy was it wonderful. We had come across much more art in the Museum la'accadmia. Then we walked around ALOT. I FINALLY was able to go on the carousel, twice. Which was a lot of fun and right next to it was a place for lunch. After a week in Italy I finally figured out to order spaghetti with only butter. I only wish I would have found it sooner. The pasta was so GOOD just like at home! I put cheese on the top, yum. The pasta here is cooked al dente and it is almost crunchy. I posted a before and after picture of my pasta. Then I had a Italian funnel cake (we alway like to sample different funnel cakes on trips) which is a waffle. The Italians put melted chocolate on top and then whipped cream and then to top it off... THEY PUT ANOTHER WAFFLE ON THE TOP! It was delicious. It was a fantastic last day in an awesome city! Tomorrow we take a 3 hour train ride to Venice. Hopefully we will have internet service and be be able to post again soon!
Paige Padilla


  1. Paige,

    I'm very impressed with your gelato eating - keep it up!


  2. Katie, tomorrow I am eating five. I am beating Sean!