Sunday, June 6, 2010


My first day in Rome was awesome! After a long flight we arrived at 10 am (9 hours ahead of Phoenix) We made it to our hotel in Rome and went exploring. But before we could explore we needed a gelato. My 1st gelato of the trip was chocolate. Delicious and off we went. It was a little warm in Rome today but the weather is much cooler than at home. While we were wandering around Rome we found little fountains of water that you can drink from. What a lifesaver. I also watched some people drinking from the fountain and learned if you cover up the end of the pipe it will spurt out a hole on the top just like a water fountain at home. The water comes out ice cold and it is great. I have a water bottle now to refill. After we found our way back to the hotel we took a quick nap and went back out exploring. We are very tired and I am looking forward to a good nights sleep and more exploring and gelato tomorrow!

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